Why WiserMe.org

WiserMe.org is currently a work in progress and hopes to soon be a bridge to the road of success for individuals who find themselves stuck in life- for any of a  number of reasons.

Stuck is when you have gone as far as you can on your own and don’t see a way to get to the other side which leads to a loss of hope.

Unfortunately, what we tend to think of as “success” is far beyond reach for many of us. And for too many, success is surviving from day to day.

Truth and Justice are not, and have never been– in fact– the American way. This is why each of our major institutions is failing us. We are a nation of laws in every respect but there are too many individuals with influence and power who have no respect for the law. The Constitution contains wonderful ideas and beautiful language, still, ultimately it’s merely a collection of lifeless words. The same is true of the law in general. Instead of laying a foundation to build safe, strong communities, the law is used to extract power and maintain control. Laws are disguised in various forms: …principles, rules, standards, or beliefs. In all cases, truth should be applied with justice (or fairness) with the ultimate goal of making communities better, safer & stronger.


Building better communities begin with taking personal responsibility and understanding the various needs of the community.

Fact Based Media

Real solutions require knowing and understanding the facts regarding a particular issue. This demands fact-based media sources.

Social Currency

Social currency is the active participation of individuals who will be affected by decisions governing the community. Ultimately, social currency must relace financial currency- which promotes corruption and leads communities to fail. 


In too many instances there is little or no accountability at the top of the leadership structure. It is necessary to raise awareness of this issue and put systems in place to support communities instead of these individuals.

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